Dare to Dream

“A true writer, exploring the heartfelt emotions that so often accompany love and dating. Check out ‘Dare to Love…and Lose’ to learn what love is really all about.” DatingAdvice.com

In this heart-warming, humorous and inspirational collection, award-winning author and life coach Siobhan Curham dares you to chase after your wildest dreams and live, love and create with confidence, passion and imagination. 

With musings on overcoming fear, how to write a book in a month, mastering meditation, mindfulness for beginners, dating with confidence, falling in love with your career, spirituality without religion and many, many more, this is a trusty companion in book form – perfect for dipping into for daily inspiration.

Dare to Dream includes some of the most popular posts from Siobhan’s award-winning blog, plus over 200 pages of previously unpublished material on life, love and creativity.


“As I read your posts, I just get this sense that everything will be okay. That no matter what path my life will take, I’ll survive … perhaps prosper. You just seem so detached from expected social norms. You do what you want, you take risks, you rise above challenges. I can’t tell you how comforting it is to see you succeed, but also to see you fail and carry on. I feel as if I have a chance. That, with grit and poetry, I might just find a way to write my own books and share them with the world. That I can write … and be happy.” Dare to Dream reader

£1 from every book sold will be donated to the charity Leuka, helping find a cure for leukaemia.

Publishing 22nd July 2015

Dare to Dream is available to pre-order on Amazon now – and here