True Face

It’s time to unmask the real you.

From body image, bullying and social media, to love, sex and more, Siobhan Curham helps women and girls to forget the fake and keep it real in this empowering and inspirational book.

Don’t show me your tweet-face

Or ur txt spk

Show me your True Face

And let your heart speak

We are living in the age of the image – the perfect image. From the constant bombardment of air-brushed photos, to the dubious lifestyle choices promoted by celebrities and the obsession with social media, young women are under pressure as never before to project a persona of perfection. And this is having a catastrophic effect, with girls as young as seven developing eating disorders and female self-loathing reaching epidemic proportions.

True Face is part mystery, part adventure. The mystery comes in working out who you truly are, the adventure comes in planning the life you really want to lead. From body image, bullying and social media, to love, sex and more, plus expert advice on how to silence your inner voice of doom, Siobhan Curham encourages women and girls to be honest, dream big, and create lives that are happy and fulfilling.

Keep Calm and Carry On is replaced by a new mantra: Forget the Fake and Keep it Real.



An important and inspirational book.’ The Bookseller

“Inspiring, empowering, and ultimately freeing. An incredibly important book.” Once Upon a Book Case

“A brilliant concept … I felt like a more confident, more honest version of myself once I’d finished the book.” Teen Book Hoots

“I felt much more inspired after True Face. So much so, that I stopped to write a letter to myself, reminding myself of how far I’ve come despite the obstacles that have been in my way.” Chrissi Reads

“Offers some really good tips and advice for helping you come to terms with who you are and get to grips with the issues that affect you … A great book.” The Big Book Project

“This book is so significant and I think every school should have a copy in their library; it made me realise that I was doing things that I didn’t know I was, and it’s empowered me a lot from a simple read.” To Another World

“A great piece of literary inspiration in a world that is often filled with fake voices that can cloud your judgement.Sister Spooky  

“A rousing and informative read … True Face encourages young adults to express their individuality and difference, with Curham deftly exploring ways that teens can sidestep the pursuit of perfection and attain a happy, honest, successful and fulfilling existence – just by being themselves.” Mumsnet 

Curham is a lovely writer, who can make the obvious feel fresh and negative seem manageable, as is evident in the simple arguments and exercises to help navigate competitive social networking and wavering body image.” The Debrief


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