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‘A true writer, exploring the heartfelt emotions that so often accompany love. Check out “Dare to Love and Lose” to learn what love is really about.’


‘As I read your posts, I just get this sense that everything will be okay. That no matter what path my life will take, I’ll survive … perhaps prosper. You just seem so detached from expected social norms. You do what you want, you take risks, you rise above challenges. I can’t tell you how comforting it is to see you succeed, but also to see you fail and carry on. I feel as if I have a chance. That, with grit and poetry, I might just find a way to write my own books and share them with the world. That I can write … and be happy.’ Dare to Dream reader.


‘Curham is a lovely writer, who can make the obvious feel fresh and the negative manageable.’ The Debrief


“Inspiring, empowering, and ultimately freeing. An incredibly important book.” Once Upon a Book Case


“A brilliant concept … I felt like a more confident, more honest version of myself once I’d finished the book.” Teen Book Hoots


“I felt much more inspired after True Face. So much so, that I stopped to write a letter to myself, reminding myself of how far I’ve come despite the obstacles that have been in my way.” Chrissi Reads


“Offers some really good tips and advice for helping you come to terms with who you are and get to grips with the issues that affect you … A great book.” The Big Book Project


“This book is so significant and I think every school should have a copy in their library; it made me realise that I was doing things that I didn’t know I was, and it’s empowered me a lot from a simple read.” To Another World


A great piece of literary inspiration in a world that is often filled with fake voices that can cloud your judgement.” Sister Spooky  


“A rousing and informative read … True Face encourages young adults to express their individuality and difference, with Curham deftly exploring ways that teens can sidestep the pursuit of perfection and attain a happy, honest, successful and fulfilling existence – just by being themselves.” Mumsnet 


An important and inspirational book.’ The Bookseller


It feels like you have a wise sister talking to you … True Face is inspirational.’ Luna’s Little Library

Offers some really good tips and advice for helping you come to terms with who you are and get to grips with the issues that affect you … A great book.’ The Big Book Project


Finding Your Inner Cherokee is a very empowering and inspiring book … it helps you develop vital self-knowledge and inner strength, which will serve you well over a life-time.’ Claude Knights, CEO, Kidscape.


‘An outstanding guide that stands out from the market entirely. I can’t recommend this book enough.’ Books and Writers JNR


‘Read this book, because not only will you know yourself better than you did before, but you will put it down with a new sense of confidence and self-assurance.’ A Day-Dreamer’s World


‘It feels like a trusted friend is talking you through ways to cope with the struggles you’re facing.’ Hannah’s Haven


‘What a lovely, hopeful and inspiring book Finding Your Inner Cherokee is.’ Fluttering Butterflies


‘Completely empowering … the concept is pure gold.’ Daisy Chain Book Reviews


‘Siobhan is one of the most gifted writers I have worked with in the last fifteen years. Subtleties of character, tone and plotting seem to come easily to her. She can turn her hand to writing for the very young right up to young adult, and in each case with real talent. She is unusually versatile and adept. And what’s more, she is a joy to work with – a true professional.’ Leah Thaxton, Publisher, Faber & Faber


‘Siobhan Curham not only knows how to craft a terrific story, but she writes with wit and intelligence, creating characters you believe in and who live on long after the last page is turned. Siobhan handles difficult issues sensitively yet energetically. Her writing is upbeat, life-affirming and full of that rare and wonderful ingredient: heart.’ Mara Bergman, Senior Commissioning Editor, Walker Books


‘It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Siobhan on a fiction series for 9+ readers. Her creativity and enthusiasm have been invaluable at every stage of the books’ journey – from plotting the stories to coming up with engaging end matter ­– and made this project such a positive experience.’ Lucy Rogers, Commissioning Editor, Scholastic


‘I have worked closely with Siobhan for several years and on many different projects. We’ve brainstormed the very loosest of ideas then worked together to create and shape, develop and produce high-quality fiction series for children, so I’ve seen Siobhan at every stage of the creative process. She is one of the very best. She’s always bubbling with rich ideas of her own, yet remains wonderfully responsive to those of others: she’s a thoughtful and considerate listener, an intuitive enabler and encourager, with a gift for finding the heart and soul of a story and bringing it to vibrant life, usually through richly imagined characters, and a distinctive voice and telling detail. Touches more magical than just the words – of which she is both master – and mistress.’ Reg Wright, Director, Hothouse Fiction


‘Having worked with Siobhan in various capacities, I can vouch for her expertise. As her editor, I’ve seen how her own writing leaps from the page and touches her readers. And in her work as an editorial consultant, creating, shaping and developing concepts, and working with other writers, she’s an absolute pro. Creative, insightful, reliable and fun – what more could you ask for?’ Ali Dougal,Editorial Director, Egmont UK


‘Working with Siobhan on the Harry Hammer series has been an absolute pleasure. Her speedy turnaround times, collaborative approach and formidable creativity have led to a full-of-fun series of which we can all be proud.’ Katie Cotton, Templar Publishing

Workshops & Talks


“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your talk on making friends with failure. Many people were talking about it in the office for days after. It really got us thinking. Inspiring.” Kayleigh Keam, CBeebies, Children’s BBC


“I was truly inspired by your talk and your journey.”Tee Cee, TV vlogger, journalist, author


“Inspirational stuff!”Alexander Harris, BBC Radio Producer


‘Siobhan has proved herself an excellent workshop leader and has built a strong and productive workshop with her own unique blend of professionalism, enthusiasm and warmth.’ Dale Arndell, Arts Development Officer, London Borough of Harrow


‘We have discovered a gem in Siobhan Curham. She kept her audience of 450 students mesmerized with her formula of “How to write a great story” and “How to create a great life” and would now be our number one author to go to for a workshop or talk.’ Nessie Mason, Hay Festival


‘I was delighted to be hosting Siobhan’s interactive True Face presentation at this year’s Times and Sunday Times Cheltenham Literature Festival. Siobhan encouraged young women and girls to participate in a thought provoking workshop focussing on how they themselves can create happy and fulfilling lives. This was supported by Siobhans popular book, True Face, which covers the issues that these young girls worry about eg. social media, body image, finding real friendshipsIt was an informative and practical talk designed to help them overcome the pressures placed on them by society to be something they are not. Siobhan provided good advice on how they can overcome these fears and insecurities and identify their passions and strengths. An inspirational session – thank you.’ Jeremy Lewis – Patron, Cheltenham Festivals


‘I have known Siobhan for ten years in her capacity as a creative writing workshop leader and during that time I have come to realise that she is a person with an immense natural ability to see straight to the heart of whatever problems she is presented with. Time and again I have seen her help faltering students gain clarity and confidence and thus move successfully towards their creative goals. Siobhan is an excellent and sympathetic listener, but also highly practical and these gifts, combined with her understanding of writing and artistic expression give her a unique approach to problem solving I have found profoundly valuable.’ Charlotte Baldwin, Arts Officer, London Borough of Hillingdon


‘Siobhan is a natural when it comes to teaching. She always manages to be encouraging and bring out the best in her writers no matter what their level of ability. My writing has come on in leaps and bounds since attending her workshop.’ Phil Lawder, author of Edges


‘Working with Siobhan has been truly inspirational. As a workshop leader her magical touch both encourages and teaches. I can honestly say my time with her has been one of the most fulfilling experiences I’ve ever had. From a scribbler two years ago she has coaxed me into finishing my first novel, which won the Donard Publishing competition and is now in print.’ Wally Robson


‘I joined Siobhan’s Harrow Writing group in 2007 and attended regularly for several years. During that time I started to discuss with her my idea for a novel which had been in various formats and versions for some time. Siobhan agreed to coach me regarding content, plot and characterisation and within nine months, my novel, Brothers and Lovers, was completed. It has sold well worldwide and I owe a great debt of gratitude to Siobhan for her interest, enthusiasm and guidance. I cannot praise her patience and understanding of an author’s problems too highly and can whole-heartedly recommend her services to any aspiring authors.’ Michael J Davidson, author of Brothers and Lovers


‘Siobhan is a caring, intuitive and professional writing and life coach.  She has helped me reach the stage where I am poised to submit to publishers.  I never would have got this far without her special gifts. I would certainly recommend aspiring writers to seek out Siobhan to find an endless source of inspirational guidance.’ Patricia Jacobs


‘I have found Siobhan to be inspiring and thought-provoking, with excellent listening skills followed by fair, gentle and honest analysis. Subsequently I have been given focus, drive and direction and have placed creative writing at the centre of my life.’ James Lee





‘Siobhan brings out the best in her clients. She is always honest, good humoured and manages to fill us with hope and the desire to do better. She’s a gentle and inspiring guide. I went to Siobhan when I was pretty much down and out in writing terms. We talked, I cried a bit and laughed a lot and having listened to her wise words came away enthused to start afresh. I did, and my new attitude has brought good luck and success – and my sessions with Siobhan were the launchpad.’ Anna May Mangan, best-selling author of Me and Mine, and radio and TV broadcaster


‘I worked with Siobhan at a time of uncertainty and change in my writing career and I found our coaching conversations gave me fresh insights and a genuinely new perspective on my situation. Siobhan helped me to see the bigger picture of my writing life, when I had little time for the work itself and I truly appreciate her wisdom. The coaching calls still resonate with me as I move into a new phase of my work.’ Jacqui Lofthouse, author and coach


‘Siobhan has totally transformed my confused collection of ideas about my story into a coherent and compelling plot! She has shown genuine enthusiasm for my project and has helped me to believe I am capable of writing a novel. Her compassion and dedication is inspirational.’ Natalie Grahame


‘Siobhan Curham is a plot alchemist! Her honest, insightful and supportive feedback has shown me how I might transform my thin story into a coherent, fully developed plot. She is completely on your side and wants you to succeed. I feel hopeful for the first time in a long time that I can stop revising the same few paragraphs repeatedly and start writing again. I have no hesitation in recommending Siobhan.’Lisa Berry


‘My first novel, Santa Claws, is a crime/mystery for children. It took me four years to write and I keep thinking it could have taken one. I haven’t made the same mistake with my second, a novel for adults in the same genre. As soon as I had a vague idea of what I wanted my story to be, I met up with Siobhan and she helped me untangle the plot lines, find out the best motives and sketch out interesting characters. It’s important for writers to do this early on, before they are thousands of words deep in the wrong plot. Siobhan is the best mentor – I’ve been writing a great deal since, and everything is going much more smoothly than first time.’ Gabriela Harding


‘Siobhan is a caring, empathetic and insightful life coach with the ability to really understand where you’re coming from, whether in your business or personal life. She possesses the ability to enable you to see your own solutions without prejudice, which is an invaluable talent.’ Suzanne Burgess


‘Siobhan gently guides, helping uncover hidden blocks and preconceptions that could be stopping you from realising your dreams, and ultimately, your full potential. She has a warm, caring style and a strong, genuine desire to see you embrace the new possibilities her insightful questions and exercises help bring into focus. I would strongly recommend her as a coach to anyone ready to find the path they should really be on.’ Barbara Wilson


‘Siobhan is great. I worked with her on my first book, Liquid Millionaire and I was so impressed with her attitude and expertise that she had to be my number one choice for my second book, How to Make Money in ISAs and SIPPS. I strongly recommend her and endorse her whole-heartedly.’ Stephen Sutherland, Chief Investment Strategist, ISACO


‘I never thought that I would be any good at anything. My self confidence, right across the board, was zero, and then minus some. I had never learned to spell properly, and I was partly dyslexic. During my coaching with you, the window to my mind, my imagination, opened up. I was free at last. Now I could dream anything I wanted to. I could go any place, even through time itself. There were no more barriers, no more boundaries, nowhere that I could not go. I lived. I breathed. I was. There will always be those people who believe sincerely that dreaming is just for children alone. No so, say I! Childhood never ends, remember that. Dream of the impossible. Dream and never stop dreaming, or trying.’ R. Maughan


‘I just wanted to let you know how much the session with you last week has inspired me. What struck me most from our conversations was the obvious natural ability you have to push yourself forward through times of great adversity. I came away with that awareness firmly entrenched in the forefront of my mind. So much so, that I found the very next day I woke up with ideas flowing through my mind based on our previous days communication. I have been a great one for having ideas that I do not follow through with. I am now looking forward to changing this old pattern, with your continued help. Thank you so much once again for helping me to address this lifetime pattern that certainly has not served me. You certainly have a natural ability to discern what a person needs in order to move forward in their life.’ A. Wood

Schools & Young People

‘Siobhan Curham visited Epsom College to address 60+ pupils to discuss her life’s journey as a writer, coach and speaker. She shared some useful techniques on encouraging young women to simply be the best they can be. The workshop focused on pride, inner strength, courage, facing adversity, being creative and confident and the importance of sharing things with people you value. Goal setting and achieving your dreams in stages were also explored. It was certainly well-received by the girls, who returned to the houses buzzing with ideas, inspiration and a new fresh perception of how to see their teenage world in preparation for their futures.’ Helen Keevil, Head of Personal & Social Development, Epsom College


‘A council house, a cockroach and a captivating lady! Siobhan Curham included the first two of these in an inspiring and engaging talk to a group of 38 fourteen year olds from the school where I am Head of English. She described how she fought off the negativity of her own ‘inner voice’ and succeeded in her dream to become an author. However, she challenged the students to forge ahead with their own dreams and aspirations, whatever they might be. Encouraging active participation, Siobhan then read from one of her own books and finally there was a relaxed question and answer session. The girls are now desperate to read her next book from the ‘Shipwrecked’ series along with ‘Dear Dylan’. As an English teacher what more can I ask for? And if you want to find out about the council house and cockroach you’ll just have to meet her!’ Head of English, Hawley Place School


‘Siobhan Curham worked with Centrepoint between June and July 2012, running a series of workshops aimed at inspiring and empowering young people to write creatively. From the outset, Siobhan engaged the group, working with the mix of personalities and ensuring everyone had a say. Each young person was encouraged to draw from their own experiences making the pieces very personal, powerful testaments, particularly considering the backgrounds of the individuals the charity works with. Always looking to the future, Siobhan focused on the group’s dreams and aspirations as inspiration and brought the series to a close with a final competition available through her website Siobhan went on to mentor the winner of the competition, with stunning results. The resident and Siobhan developed a great working relationship, whereby Siobhan would set weekly exercises for her completion, on top of which the young person was able to secure a work experience placement at a children’s publishing company through Siobhan’s contacts. Siobhan was professional, warm, friendly, boundaried and carried out excellent work with the young people at Centrepoint and comes highly recommended.’ Teresa Redman, Assessment and Training Officer, Centrepoint


‘Siobhan has proved herself an excellent workshop leader and has built a strong and productive workshop with her own unique blend of professionalism, enthusiasm and warmth.’ Dale Arndell, Arts Development Officer, London Borough of Harrow


“I really enjoyed meeting Siobhan Curham and taking part in her workshop. She was both kind and funny, making sure no-one felt awkward or embarrassed. It was obvious that she had worked with kids our age before. My favourite part of the day would have to be Siobhan’s workshop because it really helped me develop new characters. It was a really fun day and she gave me LOADS of new story ideas!” Mary Shiels, John F Kennedy School


“Siobhan Curham’s workshop was the highlight of our time at the Carnegie Book Awards event as it meant I developed interesting characters to further write a story on. The workshop gave me the inspiration I’ve needed for a long time to get back into writing online and now I’m better than ever. So I’d just like to say THANK YOU!” Lauren Brady and Sebastian Price, John F Kennedy School


“Our Year 7 & 8 students thoroughly enjoyed the creative writing workshop with Siobhan Curham and were enthralled as she described her journey from teenager to receiving the Young Minds Book Award for Dear Dylan.” Suzanne Watkins, Learning Resource Centre Manager, Tring School


“An enlightening writing experience and a really interesting insight into the life of a writer.” Rowan Richards, Y8 student, Adeyfield School


“Very inspiring” Katie Campbell,” Y8 student, Adeyfield School


“Siobhan is very nice, I liked doing the workshop because she has inspired me to write my own story” Tarnya Peters, Y8 student, Adeyfield School


“Siobhan Curham is a lovely person and I can clearly see how she writes lovely books.” Amy Teer, Y7 student, Adeyfield School


“Siobhan Curham did a marvellous job.  In her workshop she simplified the work of an author and encouraged the students to write their own story.  While giving her speech later on she showed from her own example that anything is possible as long as you do not give up.  All in all a very enjoyable and uplifting experience.” Katharina Demuth, Teaching Assistant, Adeyfield High School


Thank you for your time with our students yesterday, I received nothing but excellent feedback and they were all inspired by your talk.Hollie Rush, Librarian, Ashlyns School


‘Siobhan has worked in our school, leading workshops with Year 7 and Year 8 students. Following independent study to create their own stories, Siobhan then helped them through the editing and refining process. Once they were satisfied with their achievements, Siobhan helped the students to rehearse reading their stories aloud. A performance of readings then took place at our local library, and was much enjoyed by students, parents and the wider community. Our Director of English and Drama found Siobhan to be very supportive and encouraging, and the students clearly benefited from the experience. They enjoyed the whole process and produced some very impressive writing.’ Penny Maas, Director of Community and Partnership Learning, Ruislip High School