Free yourself – by freeing your mind

At the beginning of January I was trying to get focused on what I wanted for 2015 and, in a bid to keep it simple, I decided to try and hone it down to just one word.

The word that came to me, cutting like a bullet through the fug of goals and to do lists and new years effing resolutions, was freedom.


For much of 2014 I’d laboured under a feeling of being trapped, but why?

The more I examined why I’d been feeling trapped, the more I realised it was all in my mind.

I was feeling trapped because of the thoughts I was having.

This was a revelation.

If I could change my thoughts then surely I could change how I was feeling.

I just had to make freedom my mantra.

I stuck the word FREEDOM on my bedroom wall, so I’d see it the moment I woke up.

I pasted it inside the cover of my journal.

I typed it into my screensaver.


FREEDOM, FREEDOM everywhere, urging me to change my thoughts and, consequently, my actions.

Every night before I went to sleep, I asked myself what I needed to do the next day in order to feel free.

Go to a dance class

Take myself off on a hike

Do something different

See someone different

Sometimes it was as simple as, take yourself out for your coffee break instead of staying at home.

And pretty soon I didn’t have to pre-plan it; freedom became my default setting.

I’d instinctively try something new, deviate from the plan, break the rule, write from the heart.

And when I did find myself feeling trapped and frustrated with a situation, I trained myself to reboot my brain. Asking the question:

How can I think more freeing thoughts?

An example:

In January I launched a new project – the True Face project (it’s very exciting, please take a look).

Normally, when I launch something, I get a chronic case of the what ifs.

What if nobody likes it / views it / buys it / shares it.

And instantly, I’m trapped in fear.

But this time, at the first sign of a what if, I’d replace the thought with something expansive and freeing, like ‘build it and they shall come‘ or ‘what else can I do to make it helpful and fun?’

Or I’d stop what I was doing and dance for half an hour.

And so my year has started full of sweetness and grace.

Instead of plodding or hamster-wheeling or racing through life, I feel as if I’m drifting – in the nicest possible way.

It’s as if my thought-bubbles of freedom are carrying me along like hot air balloons.

All I have to do is relax and enjoy the ride.

Over to you…

What thoughts keep you trapped?

How can you change them to something more expansive?

[TOP TIP: If you find yourself really stuck in a negative thought-pattern give EFT a try. It sounds a little out there but it really works. Every time. You can watch a demo and tap along right here.]

Every night before you go to bed, ask yourself what one thing you could do tomorrow to make you feel free.

Do it.


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