Siobhan’s speech at Inspiring Talks Brighton was called Making Friends with Failure. It was brilliantly crafted with a wonderful flow to it that kept us all engaged right through until the end. She took us on a journey through her own failures and low points and then excited us with the hope of what can happen when we keep moving forwards. Her speech ended beautifully with some very valuable takeaways. She is, without a doubt, a natural speaker, with effortless delivery but most importantly she’s very entertaining.

Sally Garozzo

Founder, Inspiring Talks Brighton

I was truly inspired by your talk and your journey.

Tee Cee

TV presenter & short-form video creator

Siobhan was a superb speaker on the Literacy Live stage at this years Victorious music festival – she brought a lot of energy to the stage and quickly engaged the audience with her heartfelt stories and sense of fun on how to harness creativity and how to make the most of every chance you have to write and create.  She was amazing!

Esther Harris


I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your talk on making friends with failure. Many people were talking about it in the office for days after. It really got us thinking. Inspiring.

Kayleigh Keam

children's bbc

From the start of her fascinating talks as part of the Sharjah Reading Festival, Siobhan captured the audience’s attention – teen boys and girls and the staff. With her natural rapport she with them so successfully that they were willing to share their dreams in public, which takes courage and confidence.

Corrine Gotch

sharjah reading festival

We have discovered a gem in Siobhan Curham. She kept her audience of 450 students mesmerized with her formula of “How to write a great story” and “How to create a great life” and would now be our number one author to go to for a workshop or talk.

Nessie Mason

hay festival

  • As a content creator I knew I had all of the information for a book but the prospect of writing it was beyond daunting. After one conversation with Siobhan I felt a sense of relief due to her sense of humour and obvious experience as an author. Siobhan effortlessly guided me through the whole process of writing my first book, 'The Rule-Breaker's Guide to Social Media', while fuelling me on biscuits, tea and laughter. I’m so proud of what we have achieved and there is no way I would have had the confidence to create this book without her. I have already started planning Book 2 to get the partnership back together! Brilliant!

    Damian Keyes Founder of DK Music Management and BIMM
  • ‘I worked with Siobhan at a time of uncertainty and change in my writing career and I found our coaching conversations gave me fresh insights and a genuinely new perspective on my situation. Siobhan helped me to see the bigger picture of my writing life, when I had little time for the work itself and I truly appreciate her wisdom. The coaching calls still resonate with me as I move into a new phase of my work.’

    Jacqui Lofthouse Author and coach
  • ‘Siobhan brings out the best in her clients. She is always honest, good humoured and manages to fill us with hope and the desire to do better. She’s a gentle and inspiring guide. I went to Siobhan when I was pretty much down and out in writing terms. We talked, I cried a bit and laughed a lot and having listened to her wise words came away enthused to start afresh. I did, and my new attitude has brought good luck and success – and my sessions with Siobhan were the launchpad.’

    Anna May Mangan Author of Me and Mine
  • ‘Siobhan is great. I worked with her on my first book, Liquid Millionaire and I was so impressed with her attitude and expertise that she had to be my number one choice for my second book, How to Make Money in ISAs and SIPPS. I strongly recommend her and endorse her whole-heartedly.’

    Stephen Sutherland Chief Investment Strategist, ISACO
  • "I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your talk on making friends with failure. Many people were talking about it in the office for days after. It really got us thinking. Inspiring."

    Kayleigh Keam Children's BBC
  • I have worked closely with Siobhan for several years and on many different projects. We've brainstormed the very loosest of ideas then worked together to create and shape, develop and produce high-quality fiction series for children, so I've seen Siobhan at every stage of the creative process. She is one of the very best. She's always bubbling with rich ideas of her own, yet remains wonderfully responsive to those of others: she's a thoughtful and considerate listener, an intuitive enabler and encourager, with a gift for finding the heart and soul of a story and bringing it to vibrant life, usually through richly imagined characters, and a distinctive voice and telling detail. Touches more magical than just the words - of which she is both master - and mistress.

    Reg Wright Founder, Hothouse Fiction
  • My first novel, Santa Claws, is a crime/mystery for children. It took me four years to write and I keep thinking it could have taken one. I haven’t made the same mistake with my second, a novel for adults in the same genre. As soon as I had a vague idea of what I wanted my story to be, I met up with Siobhan and she helped me untangle the plot lines, find out the best motives and sketch out interesting characters. It’s important for writers to do this early on, before they are thousands of words deep in the wrong plot. Siobhan is the best mentor – I’ve been writing a great deal since, and everything is going much more smoothly than first time.

    Gabriela Harding Author
  • Siobhan is one of the most gifted writers I have worked with in the last fifteen years. Subtleties of character, tone and plotting seem to come easily to her. She can turn her hand to writing for the very young right up to young adult, and in each case with real talent. She is unusually versatile and adept. And what's more, she is a joy to work with - a true professional.

    Leah Thaxton Publisher, Faber & Faber
  • Siobhan Curham not only knows how to craft a terrific story, but she writes with wit and intelligence, creating characters you believe in and who live on long after the last page is turned. Siobhan handles difficult issues sensitively yet energetically. Her writing is upbeat, life-affirming and full of that rare and wonderful ingredient: heart.

    Mara Bergman Senior Commissioning Editor, Walker Books
  • Having worked with Siobhan in various capacities, I can vouch for her expertise. As her editor, I've seen how her own writing leaps from the page and touches her readers. And in her work as an editorial consultant, creating, shaping and developing concepts, and working with other writers, she's an absolute pro. Creative, insightful, reliable and fun - what more could you ask for?

    Ali Dougal Editorial Director, Egmont