Follow Your Body’s Example and Renew Your Life

Did you know that your body is in a constant process of renewal.

It might not feel like it when you look in the mirror first thing in the morning (especially after one too many merlots *ahem*), but every second of every day, the cells in your body are dying and being reborn.

Your skin cells refresh themselves every two to four weeks.

The cells in your liver renew themselves every 300 – 500 days.

The cells in your stomach lining only last around five days.

And your entire skeleton will have renewed itself every ten years.

Think about that for a moment – your skeleton is only ten years old.

And yet, despite being walking, talking, living, breathing tributes to renewal, we can find it oh so easy to get stuck.

Stuck in behaviours, beliefs, jobs and relationships that just don’t serve us.

So today, in the fresh, back-to-school spirit of September, take a moment to think of all the things in your life that you would like to renew.

If it helps, grab a notebook and pen and free-write some answers to these questions:

What behaviours and beliefs are keeping me stuck?

What relationships are making me feel stale?

What and who do I need to let go of?

And how can I let go, with love?

Then take a moment to think of all the fresh new behaviours, beliefs, work and relationships that you would like to welcome into your life in their place.

Free-write about how your renewed life would look.

Free-write about how much lighter and happier it would make you feel.

When I did this exercise I realised that the amount of time I was spending endlessly scrolling through my social media feeds was making me feel sluggish and stale. (Whole new blog post on that subject coming soon!)

I decided that life was too short for so-called friendships that left me feeling hurt or frustrated.

And I made a vow to stop taking jobs that made me feel flat and uninspired – just because I was scared I wouldn’t get anything better.

When I realised what needed to be shed from my life, I took some time just enjoying the space that remained.

Instead of rushing to fill the gaps with the nearest past-times, people and work I could find, I waited … and asked:

How do I truly want my fresh new life to look and feel?

Ask yourself the same question.

And wait for the answers that make you feel excited and alive – as opposed to sensible and safe.

The answers might surprise you.

They surprised me.

I realised that instead of spending so much time on social media I wanted to get back to the good ol’ days of offline contact; of lengthy phone calls instead of hasty messages, and of seeing people, you know, face to face (rather than Facebook to Facebook).

I realised that I really missed working with other people and helping them achieve their dreams. So, in the spirit of freshness, I spent a couple of months creating a brand new range of coaching services with a difference – which will be (mostly) launching in the new year…

…Because I also realised that now is the time to write the book I’ve been wanting to write for THREE YEARS but had been putting off out of fear that I should be doing something that was a safer bet financially and that I didn’t have what it takes. I shouldn’t and I do.

I realised that I no longer enjoyed running and that I should focus my keep fit on the things that feel like fun, which for me, means hiking through woods and dancing.

Our lives are so fleeting, surely we owe it to ourselves – and those around us – to have regular periods of renewal.

To slough off what’s no longer bringing us joy and to welcome in the fresh and new.

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