The Joy of Travelling Alone

If I said the words ‘travelling alone’ to you, what would your reaction be?

Would it be one of caution or fear or even confusion … why would anyone want to travel solo?

All of those would have been my responses a few years ago, but then I started travelling alone for my work as an author / public speaker and it opened up a whole new source of joy for me.

Now, I don’t just travel alone for work, I travel solo for pleasure sometimes too.

I just got back from a solo trip to Paris – for business and pleasure – which was so much fun it inspired me to make the little video below, about the benefits I’ve found from travelling on my own.

In a nutshell, the benefits I’ve found are…

  1. It gives you space to think / create / dream.
  2. It gives you great perspective on your life back home.
  3. You notice more opportunities for wonder.
  4. You’re free to wander wherever you want to and do whatever you like.
  5. You meet more people and have the opportunity for incredible encounters.

This last one is probably my favourite benefit of solo travel. I’ve met so many interesting people and had so many fun and random experiences when I’ve been in a new place by myself.

If you feel nervous or apprehensive about going away on your own why not start small?

Take yourself out somewhere new for the day.

Or take yourself out for dinner on your own.

On my last night in Paris I went out for dinner alone and it was blissful.

I sat in a restaurant in Montmartre, drinking Beaujolais and eating freshly baked bread and fifty-seven different kinds of cheese.


I people-watched through the window and dipped in and out of the novel I was reading, which was also set in Paris.

Without the distractions of company I felt fully immersed in the experience and present in the moment.

I made the video below midway through my break. I hope it inspires you to go on a solo adventure of your own…

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