6 Tools for Tough Times

For many years, one of my worst fears has been losing my home. 

Ever since my marriage broke up and I became a single mum I’ve lived in rented accommodation. I’ve also been self-employed. This can make for a tenuous combination.

But for many years my worst fear – that I’d be asked to leave my accommodation and my son and I would be homeless – remained completely unfounded.

Until last month.

Last month I found out that the new owner of the building I was renting a flat in was planning to evict all of the tenants at Christmas (!) so that he could sell the properties.

This shock news sent me into a tailspin. My worst fear was happening and it caught me completely off-guard.

Instantly it spawned a whole set of new fears: That I wouldn’t be able to raise the money needed for a deposit on a new place and the removal costs, that I wouldn’t be able to find anywhere in the town I’d moved to two years previously. Moving here had been the realisation of a ten year dream. I’d made so many great new friends but rental property is hard to find here. What if I didn’t find anything and had to move out of the town we’d become so settled in?

Thankfully, over the past few years, I’ve acquired some powerful tools for dealing with fear – tools that have helped me through some tough times – so I quickly put them to use.


The first thing I did was meditate. I meditate most days anyway but now my meditations had a new purpose; to clear my mind of fear so that I could think more productively and clearly.

Listen for Inner Guidance

Once I’d calmed my mind I’d wait for inner guidance – it’s amazing how much wisdom you can tap into when you just learn to be still.

Practise Gratitude

Shortly after I’d learned I was going to lose my home I came across the quote: ‘Every day choose to be the most grateful you’ve ever been.’ It was a much-needed reminder of the power of gratitude to switch you to a more positive mindset.

Take Solace in Nature

I got outside regularly – for walks and runs – to help me process my thoughts and soothe my fears soaking in nature’s beauty.

Visualise your Dream

I spent time visualising the outcome I wanted ie; a lovely new home. I created a vision board of interior design ideas. I daydreamed about the kind of place I wanted to move to.

Have Faith

I practised trusting that although a positive outcome hadn’t yet materialised, it was going to. I found a song all about having faith in times of waiting and played it every day like a mantra.

And here’s what happened…

Once I’d calmed my fears by meditating I was able to put a plan of action into place.

I hustled for some new writing projects to raise the money I’d need to move.

Every time I felt fear gnawing at me, I’d visualise the kind of place I wanted to move to.

I asked myself how I could feel grateful for the situation I found myself in. This was tricky initially but I realised that being forced to face your worst fear is something to feel grateful for because it can be hugely empowering.

To build on my faith that everything would turn out for the best I started buying some bits and pieces for my new home … even though I hadn’t found it yet. Every day I’d look at these things as a reminder to believe.

One day, when I was meditating, my inner guidance told me that it would be better to act sooner, rather than wait until Christmas to move.

So I began looking online for properties and the instant one came up that I liked I took action – booking an appointment to view it that same day and confirming that I wanted it minutes after viewing it.

One month after discovering that I was going to lose my home I moved into a new flat.

I’ve been here for a week and I absolutely love it.

If you’re going through a tough time I hope the tools I’ve shared here help you the same way they helped me and inspire you to keep the faith and keep focused on your dreams.


The tools featured in this post are covered in detail in my book Something More … a Spiritual Misfit’s Search for Meaning, available to pre-order here.




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