Something More … a Spiritual Misfit’s Search for Meaning is my next book for adults – more specifically, for adults who might feel disillusioned by organised religion but still believe there’s ‘something more’ to this thing called life and are interested in exploring their spiritual side.

The book took me seven years to live and write; seven years that transformed my life for the better, leaving me happier and stronger and more at peace than I’ve ever been and I’m very excited to be able to share all I’ve learned with you.

This book is for spiritual misfits like me. People who have had enough of the doctrine of separation and fear. People who look around at the world today – at the politics of division and the hashtags of hate and the spiralling mental health crisis – and say, surely there has to be a better way.

Here’s the Amazon blurb to give you a better idea…

When Siobhan Curham decided to write a book about happiness there was only one small problem, which became a massive problem as soon as she sat down to write – she wasn’t truly happy.

Not wanting to be a fraud, she decided to discover the secret to true and lasting happiness before writing a single word. As a devout atheist, her quest was to take her on an unexpected path deep into the heart of the world’s spiritual traditions.

Something More is the result of her quest and it offers readers a funny and moving account of Siobhan’s journey, as she found religion – and promptly lost it again – then went on to develop her own spiritual ‘pick and mix’ of practises from Buddhist chanting, Irish yoga, Jewish philosophy and Reiki healing, to connecting with her inner goddess and finding her shamanic spirit animal (who, it turns out, was a large, black, talking horse).

Full of brutally honest anecdotes and age-old wisdom, Something More is for anyone who has ever thought about exploring their spiritual side, and those who might feel disillusioned by organised religion but still crave that elusive ‘something more’. After all, who wouldn’t want to find inner peace and everlasting happiness?

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