How to Have the Summer of Your Dreams

Last week I had a ‘stay-liday’.

As in, the UK version of the ‘stay-cation’.

As in, I stayed at home and did sweet nothing all week.

Actually, I did loads, but I didn’t do a single jot of work.

And it was wonderful.

I drank coke floats in beer gardens…


I listened to live music…


I danced in bare feet…


I hung out in my favourite part of London and I hung out with some of my favourite people…


Aaaaaand, I took advantage of the break from my work life to do some serious, hardcore dreaming.

Summer breaks give us the perfect opportunity to pause and take stock of our lives.

The heat and the sun and the clear blue skies create the perfect conditions for us to unleash our imaginations and conjure up visions for our future.

But when we’ve had months of work, work, work, it can be hard to unwind.

And with our permanent access to the internet, it can be oh so hard to unhook.

With this in mind, I created the template below, to help you make your summer a summer of dreams.

To help you pause and take stock and get clear on what you want – and what you don’t.

Simply copy and paste the text below and then fill in the blanks.*

The best thing to have happened to me so far this year is . . .

My biggest disappointment has been . . .

To create more light and laughter in my life I need to let go of . . .  And stop . . .

I’m going to use this summer as an opportunity to . . .

I can feel refreshed and recharged this summer by . . .

Three fun things I can do for myself this summer are . . .

The perfect place to go and dream this summer is . . .

I will go there and dream about . . .

To help me get the most from it I will take . . .

By the end of 2015 I would love to have . . .


* Perfect places to complete this exercise include: on a secluded beach / at the top of a hill / in a country pub beer garden / in the woods / in your favourite coffee shop

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