How to Find Hope and Happiness this Winter

Whether we like it or not (so we might as well like it!) winter during a pandemic is the perfect time to retreat, take stock and reflect. So I created some prompts to help make your hibernation a happy and healing process.

Put on some favourite music, make yourself a cup of tea, and journal your answers to the following questions.

I hope they help you to find the silver linings in what has undoubtedly been a shit show of a year!

What are you most proud of achieving this year? 

What and / or who helped you achieve it?

What has been your biggest lesson of the year?

How can this lesson help you get the most from 2021?

What has been your biggest regret of 2020?

How can you ensure you won’t repeat it again?

How has 2020 changed you for the better?

What is your fondest memory from 2020?

What / who got you through the toughest times of this year?

How can you thank the people who have helped you?

Taking all of your answers to the above questions into consideration, how would you like your winter to look?

Who are the people you want to connect with?

Where are your local (and pandemic reachable) happy places?

What would you like to create?

How would you like to feel?

What books would you love to read?

How could you spread some love and kindness?

How could you take care of yourself?

I hope this exercise helps you to let go of the tough times you’ve been through this year and move on with hope and love.

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