Busting Through Writing Blocks

What’s the one question I get asked time and time again when I’m coaching other writers?

“How do I make it through the blocks?”

Writer’s block can strike at any stage of the process: at the very beginning when you’re trying to come up with ideas from scratch and also at any point mid-story.

For me, when I’m writing a novel, it tends to strike around page 60 and the story that had been flowing along nicely comes juddering to a halt. It’s happened so often I now call this The Curse of Page 60.

In the 15 minute podcast below, from my new book Dare to Write a Novel, I share the techniques I’ve used over the years to help me get through this.

Every time I’ve written a book I’ve experienced blocks (so please don’t worry, you definitely aren’t alone!) and every single time I’ve got through it, using the tips and tricks in the podcast.

The important thing to realise is that feeling stuck or blocked is a natural part of the creative process. So don’t let it get you down and whatever you do, don’t let it make you give up.

Grab a notebook and pen, make yourself a coffee / tea / strawberry margarita and press play on the audio below for a whole range of ways to reignite your inspiration…

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Ever since I started coaching writers it’s been a dream of mine to write a book about writing. Now – finally – that day has come.

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“While there are many books on the technicalities of writing, there are few which deal with the problems that face the aspiring author in the other aspects of writing – the personal. Siobhan looks at those areas – why do I want to write, how do I make time, how do I justify the effort, how do I motivate myself – and draws on her experience as a life coach, and as a successful author and editor to provide strategies to work towards achieving your writing dreams and aspirations. Yes, there is sort-of technical stuff there, too; to do with how to develop characters, how to plot, how to keep track of your characters and plot, how to defeat “blocks”, but none of the formulaic “write to the beats”, “6/7/8/9 basic plots” stuff that so many writing handbooks trot out. You even get audio chapters, where Siobhan talks you through the process of visualisation, a technique very few self-help writing books I have come across ever mention, but one that I find particularly useful. I’ll mention here that I know Siobhan; I was a member of one of her writing workshops for a number of years, and benefited greatly from receiving these lessons and strategies first hand. Now I live too far away, this book makes a great replacement for her personal mentoring skills, and I can highly recommend it to any writer who is contemplating starting out on the journey, who is struggling in the process, or is looking to re-ignite their creative fires.” Amazon review

Please feel free to share it with your social networks and any writing friends.

Thanks so much!

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