10 Questions to Inspire your Creations

Sometimes creating something can be really difficult.

Once the initial spark has faded it can be so hard to find the grit to … just … keep … going.

Especially if those evil-doers Doubt and Fear decide to pay you a visit – and they inevitably will.

This post is for anyone creating anything, who needs a little fire put back into their belly.

Whether your creation is a book, a blog, a business, an EP, a painting or a weird and wonderful origami sculpture, all you have to do is free-write your answers to the following questions.

Then use your answers as a manifesto to guide and inspire you…


QUESTION ONE: Who needs you to create this? And why?

QUESTION TWO: How can you make the creative process fun?

QUESTION THREE: Why are you the right person to create this?

QUESTION FOUR: How does this creation fit in with your wider vision for the world?

QUESTION FIVE: How do you want your creation to make people feel?

QUESTION SIX: How would you feel on your death-bed if you hadn’t given your creation your best shot?

QUESTION SEVEN: How would you feel if you gave up on your creation and then saw someone else create something really similar?

QUESTION EIGHT: How would you approach your creation if you weren’t afraid?

QUESTION NINE: What are your wildest, biggest dreams for your creation?

QUESTION TEN: How would you feel if your wildest, biggest dreams came true?


Here’s to creating the art, businesses and services we were born to … free from doubt and fear.


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