In Praise of Boundaries

A few years ago, I was walking my dog around our local park when I saw that a section had been cornered off, with a sign saying:


Initially, this corner of the park looked pretty much the same as the rest, but over the weeks and months that followed, something magical happened.

First, the grass started growing wild, then daisies began to appear, followed swiftly by other flowers of all different hues.

There was no symmetry to the colour scheme, it was all random splashes like an artist’s palette – buttercup yellow, poppy red, cornflower blue.

And the chaos made it all the more beautiful.

Then the butterflies moved in, and the wild beauty took to the air too.

It was incredible to witness what happens when we allow nature to just be.

It also provided an important lesson – that sometimes wild beauty needs a boundary; a sign stating clearly that there should be no trespassing.

I think us humans need to create the same kind of boundaries, if we want to live lives that are wild and free.

We need to make it clear that there are certain things we won’t tolerate if they make us unhappy.

We need to fight the urge to people-please at the cost of our sanity.

We need to fiercely protect our right to create from the heart.

And avoid the naysayers and energy-vampires who suck the life from our dreams.

We need to surround ourselves with other free spirits, who encourage our wild beauty.

We need to be the guardians of our happy.



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