Writing by Starlight – FREE e-course

Let’s face it, the month of January can be kind of bleak, But the one silver lining to the incessant dark and cold is that it’s very conducive to snuggling up in the warm and writing. And to help make your January a magical writing month I’ve created a gift for you – a FREE e-course called Writing by Starlight.


Writing by Starlight is an invitation to reignite your writing by helping you approach it with the wonder and imagination of a kid.


This free e-course is less about writing goals and more about writing  joy – although, as I’ve learned in my 20 years as a writer, the more joyful your writing process, the more you’re likely to achieve your writing goals (this is what’s known as a happy side effect!)


So, how does the course work? Every Sunday, for the month of January, a little bit of ‘starlight’ will drop into your inbox, in the form of an email from me.


Each of the emails will contain an inspirational post or video to fire you up, plus some gentle prompts and exercises to help get your writing flowing and make the process as fun and joyful as possible whatever you’re writing, be it fiction, poetry or business content.


All you have to do to take part in Writing by Starlight is fill out the form below. 



Here’s to writing for the wonder and joy of it!



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